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Our Mergers and Acquisitions team are working hard to find the right businesses to fit into our portfolio. We are currently looking for Accountancy Practices to add to our portfolio. Please read on to learn what we are looking for and what our intentions are once we find them.

What are we looking for?


Ideally we are looking for small to medium sized established accounting firms, trading for 10 years or more, with a turnover of at least £50K in recurring income.

We are targeting businesses where the seller is either not a major fee-earner, or is happy to stay on for a 2-4 year period in some capacity.

We are prepared to look across the UK for the right opportunity, but priority will be given to businesses in either the Midlands or the South West.

Although we do have our own small practice, we are primarily looking for a full service practice, to expand the services that we can offer to our many existing clients. Our client base right now is specifically made up of property professionals, but we very much want to expand into other markets.


What are our intentions?


We very much understand that businesses like this have been built up over time, and have their own cultures. One of our aims is not to disrupt that.

Looking after people is very high on our priority list, and we firmly believe that people are the strength in any company. Our aim is to provide a clear and logical growth plan across the board, bringing in training at all levels for anyone who wants it, and creating staff loyalty plans to secure the future progression of the practice.

We have a lot of experience in growing businesses, and one of our aims is to increase the profile of the firm, with the aim of bringing in more clients, and more recurring income.

Our ultimate goal is to have a small group of three or four practices across the UK, sharing knowledge, referring business and creating a supportive group for the future of all concerned.

What can we offer?


The skillset that we have within our business is varied. We have great marketing and commercial knowledge which can help to build the business.

We have excellent operational control and analysis abilities, so we can quickly and efficiently identify and fix any weaknesses or gaps in the finances or in the systems.

We have all run businesses ourselves, and really understand the important things, and how to communicate them throughout an organisation.

Most importantly, we listen to what it is that is truly important to both the seller and their staff. We ensure that we can continue the success of the practice well into the future, providing a secure and profitable environment for everyone.


Let's Talk

Contact Drew Hemmingway directly using the link below:

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