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Building growth for all,

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Accountancy for
the business professional

Led by Chartered Accountant Andy Robinson, we offer a specialised service aimed directly at the property professional and other business investors.

We have realised that many investors are just not getting the right advice, or do not have a specialist accountant.


This is vital for the investor to be making the right decisions, based on accurate and strategic advice from their advisors.

Our current
package includes:

  • Strategy review on sign up

  • 30 minutes per month of accountant’s advice

  • Inclusive online accounting software

  • Payroll for up to 2 company directors

  • Personal tax returns for up to 2 company directors

  • Companies House annual returns

  • Annual accountant’s review

  • Year end accounts and filings

  • Company registered address

All of this is provided for a fixed annual fee, paid monthly, allowing you to spread the cost of your bill over the year, rather than ending up with an unknown bill at the end of the year!

Additional Services

Alongside our property accountancy package, we also offer a bespoke service to allow you to choose the services that will most benefit your business.


deal clinic

Strategic Partner or Financial Director
on call



Is your property strategy tax efficient?

As a property investor, developer or landlord it's very easy to get training on a specific strategy, but have you structured your portfolio in the best possible tax efficient way?

What's my business worth?

We are proud to be the Accounting Partners for the

Power Team Property Community

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