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We are always keeping our eyes open for both new property partners and new projects. If you think you might either want to join us on a project, or you know of a project we might be interested in, then please get in touch.

We recognise not all Investors have the same risk profile.
We offer Development Projects with both
profit & rental return & for the Investor that wants
comfort of a completed & income producing project, we offer
rental yields & future capital appreciation.


Our professional team has a wealth of experience in identifying exciting opportunities. Along with our wider team of professional advisors, we are able to complete our due diligence swiftly.

We have a combined track record of over 40 years within the property development and investment sector.



Add Value 

Our simple four-point strategy to maximise investments allows our clients to maximise capital growth and or income according to their investment requirements and chosen risk profile. Our portfolio managers assure that your investments meet our objectives. 


Hemmingway is a privately owned asset management company, neither the company nor our investors are under any obligation to use specific professional advisors.
To ensure we are able to meet our core values of integrity and transparency to ensure that our investors receive the service and financial expectations they deserve.

How it works?


We Acquire

Hemmingway identifies the acquisitions, negotiates the purchase and financing, together with the pre-purchase due diligence.


You Invest

Accredited Investors become shareholders in the property company having title to the net asset value.

Non-Accredited Investors are provided with a loan agreement. 


Asset Management

Our portfolio of income producing properties is either managed in house or externally by reputable appointed agents.




Accredited Investors will receive dividends paid quarterly in arrears net of corporation tax.

Non-Accredited Investors will receive quarterly interest payments net of CT61 returns.

Hemmingway | Security


Each project is purchased in a seperate limited company with the investor either owning shares or charges over the property lodged at the Land Registry.

Hemmingway | High Returns

High Returns

All projects achieve double digit returns. For compliance full details are only available to registered users.

Hemmingway | Analysis


All projects go through a rigorous due diligence process including pre-purchase bank valuation to include post development values.

Hemmingway | Protection


All investments are managed through separate limited companies with all payments only authorised by our board appointed Chartered Accountant.

Hemmingway | Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy

Developments are refinanced upon completion ensuring investors money is returned as soon as possible or the properties sold.

Hemmingway | Experience


Our board of directors and advisors have a wealth of industry specific knowledge and experience.

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